My blog is being categorized. Is yours?

I write this blog using the WordPress blogging software as made available at no charge by the nice folks at One of the features provided by WordPress is what they call the “Referrers,” which is described as follows, “People clicked links from these pages to get to your blog.” They provide the URL that viewers used to reach this blog and the number of views that came from that URL.

I’ve had views by the same URL both yesterday and today:

My best guess is that this URL is transient in that while I can visit it now I expect that I won’t be able to visit in a few days, nor will you.

So let me describe it to you.

The page begins with a box containing the following text:

Categorize 3 websites according to the following Instructions:

  • Please review the category association details and choose the most relevant ones for the Content Categories.
  • Select Primary Content Category (required) and Secondary Content Category (if applicable).
  • Categorize each site based on what the content is about.
  • Even though a site may be a blog, please consider other categories before selecting Personal.
  • Take the entire page into consideration. Please scroll to the bottom of each page and feel free to view more than one page in the web site.
  • Complete the Likely Audience Demographics for the site (age and gender).
  • Please use Internet Explorer to avoid problems with site redirects.
  • Always indicate Sexually Explicit for any sexually explicit adult sites.
  • Always indicate Offensive for sites promoting violent content, racial intolerance, excessive profanity, illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Always indicate Broken if a site is missing content, returns an error or does not display properly.
  • Always indicate Non-English for non-english sites.
  • Always indicate No Content for sites with not enough content on the site to evaluate or the site requires a login.
  • Before marking a site “Broken” or “No Content”, please click on the “SITE # of 3: http://…” link to open it in a new window and wait for it to fully load.

(NOTE: Please take care to follow these instructions carefully, as we will be validating the quality of your responses. Poor quality work will be rejected.)

There follow three sections, each containing the front page of a blog, with some questions to the left. The questions are as follows:

  1. Primary Content Category, followed by a pull-down option list with such categories as “Sexually explicit,” “Automotive,” and “Computers and Tecnology.”
  2. Secondary Content, followed by the same pull-down option list
  3. Likely Audience, followed by two items:
    1. Gender, with the choices “Primarily Male,” “Primarily Female,” and “No Preference.”
    2. Age, with instructions “Select all that apply”, followed by boxes for “All ages, “Under 13″, 13-17,” and so forth.

Each section presents the front page of a blog:

Club Penguin Cheats

The Wayward Word Press

The Life That Chose Me

My blog is the second. The only common link I see is that all the blogs are hosted by WordPress.

I’ve no idea who is doing this, why it is being done, or the intended audience, except that it’s a sign of some blog-review process.

It doesn’t really matter. My blog is out there for all to make of what they see fit.

But the URL differed so much from the usual URL’s I see that I thought worth noting it down to share with you, so you can make of it what you see fit.


  1. Posted October 11, 2007 at 00:26 | Permalink | Reply

    Mine too… And I don’t know why.
    My blog is just some anyohow place for personal rumblings.

    Category…??? Don’t understand.
    My blog doesn’t deal with politics, sexually offensive or what… That why the (???). Hahaha…

  2. Posted April 7, 2008 at 16:40 | Permalink | Reply

    Mine happens to be the third blog on your list, which is an odd association. I do have a linux blog which is linked from there “On Becoming and Penguin” at that etter match, but my education blog gets tons more hits.

    But thanks for the heads up!

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